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Hello. I am an art student from Brighton and I'm based in Manchester, currently studying Photography at MMU. I look to focus on capturing relationships between people and how they connect to their surroundings. My images consist mainly of my family and people that are close to me because I find it interesting to document the relationship they all share as both a whole as well as individuals. This adds a personal element to my work as it further explores my surroundings and gives an insight into how and where I grew up. This also acts as my own memories of everything I was doing in that time period in an area and a world that is incessantly changing.


I mostly work with analogue cameras and 35mm film and work to create images without them being planned. This is a reason I love film. You only get a set few chances to capture a certain moment between people or themselves that you won't ever see again.

For access to my video CV please send me an email for the password. 

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